So often, it is easy to just keep doing what you have always done rather than trying something new.  Things that have worked in the past, might lose their effectiveness over time, but it is hard to break that cycle.  After we reached out to Bretsky, we realized that we could really improve our promotional materials and actually save some money in the process.

Once we made the decision to purchase from Bretsky, we were immediately rewarded.  The quality of the products, and the diligence from the Bretsky Team made it easy.  They did not just slap a logo on promotional materials, but they took the time, using their expertise, to determine what types of products best fit our industry while being cost effective.  The products offered really updated our promotional materials with products that were well-done and useful for our clients.  I was proud to attach our company logo to the products and could not wait to send them out to my contacts.  Once we had the initial discussions on our business and budget, we were able to set-up a variety of products to order over the coming months/years.  I simply don’t have to worry about this anymore.  I know that we will have really high quality products delivered on time, within budget.

Going into this process, I knew literally nothing about promotional materials.  The Bretsky team took the time to discuss my business and came up with several ideas that would set us apart from our competitors.  At the end of the day, promotional materials alone aren’t going to land clients, but having well-designed, useful products with our company logo help demonstrate our commitment to quality and efficiency.  I love seeing our firm logo on items at the various professional events I attend.  The materials Bretsky provided always help us standout from our competitors.

  • John Marino
  • Employment Law Firm

We were developing a custom Christmas box in the shape of a snowman, with three tiers of boxes.  Initially we were going to use straight candy canes through the center to keep the boxes held together but when we priced the candy canes they were way out of our budget, so our next thought was wood dowels, which would have also been a lot more work to cut down and the price was still too high.  So we got with Shannon at Bretsky Promotions and came up with a plan to use pencils, and not only blank pencils, Shannon included a custom print on each one that said “Merry Christmas from all of us at Tru-Cut”.  The price for the pencils and the imprint were still far below any other option we could find.  Bretsky helped save the project and in the end, it came out better than we could have hoped!! We ended up winning a gold in the annual Foil and Specialty Effects Association’s Gold leaf awards.  Bretsky Promotions is definitely the way to go if you are looking for a way to promote your business or organization.  The service was top notch and we received our product lightning fast.  Bretsky Promotions comes highly recommended by all of us at Tru-Cut.

  • Andy Archuleta
  • Sales Manager at Tru-Cut LLC

I looked at several websites before landing on Bretsky Promotions.  I didn’t want to consider buying from a website that wasn’t user friendly.  That was not the case with Bretsky.  The website was easy to use.  I found that people really enjoyed the products I bought. I received many comments about how my signs “popped”.   The general public really noticed.  I would definitely recommend Bretsky promotions!  Shannon Cahill and Bretsky Promotions really helped me accomplish EXACTLY what I was trying to accomplish.

  • Josh Loeffler
  • Candidate for City Council